My name is Lenka

1 2and at the moment I am living in Kathmandu, Nepal.
I have been here for a while – studying, living, observing and getting inspired while creating my own lifestyle.

Kathmandu is a great city but there are many things that somehow do not make me happy. Some of them are as simple as the fact that I cannot have a good piece of cake that at the same time wouldn’t harm my body (because of the sugar load).
Or that I cannot find a good quality almond butter without any added palm oil and additives. Some things though are much more serious  – like amount of trash floating everywhere or terrible air quality. And the longer I am here the more I realize that I am not the only one who cares.

I started this blog because of the one simple reason – to share what I find to be more sustainable, healthier, simpler and in the end – smarter way of life (not only) in Kathmandu. Now I would like to share it with you and – hopefully – inspire you on your own way.

Thru this blog I want to introduce you places, unique cafes and restaurants which I find to be extraordinary (and not only in Nepal) and which purpose goes beyond the simple serving coffee or selling the staff.

Following my passion for cooking and baking I want to share with you my favorite (and as much as possible) no waste recipes – specializing on dishes that are healthy, simple and fast prepared .

And last but not least I want introduce simple tips&tricks which can make everyone’s life easier and better – and all of that in the flow of simplicity and minimalism which I live and believe in.

I hope that this blog will be for you a source of inspiration, helpful guide and hopefully a good piece of read.

Thank you for joining,