Plum Butter (Lekvár) with Less Sugar

Plum Butter, in Slovak called Lekvár, is one of the most beloved and commonly used fruit preserves in Slovakia and neighboring countries. Used in a range of desserts, cakes and sweet dishes this staple is enjoyed all year long. Back in the days most households with plum trees used to make their own Plum Butter….

Palacinky – Slovak Style Pancakes

Pancakes, Crepes, Palatschinken, Blini, Blinciki, or in Slovak – Palacinky. This is the simple recipe for traditional Slovak Palacinky made my way. Everyone likes theirs differently – this is how I like mine. Very thin and crisp on the edges, with tiny holes in the center.  Fluffy, soft & simply delicious. Few tips before making Palacinky…