Baking for me is my time to be alone, present at the moment, time to be here and now. It’s a time when my phone is on mute, my senses are fully involved and my hands enjoy the feeling of the texture. The smell of a fresh loaf of Sourdough, the crisp and melting sensation of Laskonka (Slovak-style macarons), the comfort of sweet yeasted dough Koláč – all of that is pure joy and happiness to me. On weekends I gather my family & friends around the table to enjoy those traditional Slovak goodies

Baking is my passion and meditation at the same time

Every week I bake for my family and friends a few loaves of bread,  pastries and traditional cakes. And I always bake a few more for those who are curious to try some traditional Eastern European bakes

Weekly Box of Joy – Park City, Utah

Weekly Box of Joy is my weekly selection of the most delicious & favorite homemade cakes, pastries and savory goodies. All of the treats are handmade from the scratch and available in limited amount. For now I only employ my two hands and occasionally one standing mixer 🙂

How it works

  1. Check what’s in my offer for this week
  2. Let me know (in message below) how many boxes you’d like to order (always by Monday)
  3. I’ll revert to you with all the details 
  4. Delivery (in Park City only) is always on Tuesdays for the particular week
  5. PS: if you’re not from Utah I am happy to ship you some goodies whenever possible

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