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Hi, I am Lenka

living, baking, biking and hiking in Park City, Utah and this blog is my baking diary.

Kneading the dough on my grandma’s knees is what I lively remember any time I wander with my memories back to childhood. Mixing, whisking, licking out the bowls, kneading, filling, baking and most of all, cherishing seasonal ingredients and turning them into delicious breads, pastries and cakes- that always was my happy haven wherever life takes me. Back when I was eight with my grandma and today with hearty memories following her recipes.

Returning back to traditional Slovak cuisine and especially to baked goods was a natural transition to my own culture and heritage and feel of a home while I am living far away from home – in my new homes all around the world 

My blog is my baking diary. It is a collection of recipes I learned how to bake from both my grandmas. Another are holiday staples that my mom prepares every year, every time the very same way. Some of them are inspiring recipes that I came across reading traditional cookbooks & amazing food blogs. Many of them I developed over the course of time, experimenting & playing with local ingredients from places around the world I had a chance to live – my homes away from home. 

This blog is a personal story of my life expressed thru food – with a respect and focus on my roots & traditions

Dobrú Chuť, Lenka

Collaborations & Press



EATS is an organization based in Park City, Utah dedicated to growing healthy communities (with a focus on small children and their families) with fun, food, and nutrition advocacy. It’s been a pleasure to work with EATS and deliver a variety of baking classes and sharing a Slovak culinary tradition with locals



Collaboration with a little specialty jam company based in Brooklyn, New York has been so much fun! Once a month I develop a new recipe using one of the BRINS jams – creating a bold synergy of spiced & exciting flavors and a sweet tradition



My class on Babka & Kolaches was rated as one of the top 13 online baking classes in the U.S. according to PureWow. Read more about my class & learn how to make those traditional pastries yourself



Proud that my bakes & meals were featured in NY Times Magazine as one of the most unique & delicious culinary finds in the New York City

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If you’d like to support me and my work you can send some love this way. Your support will help me with sourcing ingredients needed for testing and writing recipes, updating technology to stream my baking classes and educating myself further Just between us, here are some of the books on my current “wish-list”: * Tartine by Chad Robertson * Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish * The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum


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