Blueberry Sumac Knots with Yogurt

I took a refreshing, summer twist on traditional Swedish Kanelbullar and created these delicious breakfast Blueberry knots. Knots are made with aromatic cardamom, fresh lemon zest and tangy, tart sumac. The yogurt glaze on top can be as well served on the side and knots can be dipped into the yogurt frosting especially if served through the day so that the knots won’t end up being soggy

For the filling, I used a delicious, tart yet bright & fruity Blueberry Sumac Jam from Brins that I combined with lemon juice to balance the sweetness. The jam is packed with wild berries but if you’re a real berrie lover you can add some extra fresh blueberries too. Blueberry knots are pretty easy to make even though they will take at least three hours of your time. Beginners will manage to bake them when following steps precisely. Do not rush or try to speed up or skip the proving time as proving makes a big difference in the final result. Properly proved dough will result in soft, fluffy and airy pastry – and it’s worth the wait


(for 1 baking dish/ 6-8 Buns)


250g Flour

100g Milk, dairy or plant-based

40g Sugar, white

4g AD Yeasts/ 10g Fresh Yeasts

60g Butter, unsalted & soften

1 Egg, whole

3g Salt

1g Cardamom Powder

Zest from 1 Lemon

Blueberry Sumac Filling

1/2 Jar/ ~ 100g BRINS Blueberry Sumac Jam (or Blueberry Jam of your preference)

Zest from 1 Lemon

Juice from 1/2 Lemon

Handful of fresh Blueberries to mix with Jam (optional)


1 Egg, whole for egg wash

~200g Yogurt, plain white

20-30g BRINS Blueberry Sumac Jam


1. In a small bowl combine together 50g Milk with 10g Sugar and heat up until lukewarm. Add 4g of Active Dry Yeasts to warm sweet milk, mix well and cover with a plate to let the yeasts activate for 20-15 minutes or until frothy & bubbly

2. In a bigger mixing bowl or bowl of your standing mixer combine together 250g Flour with 30g Sugar, 3g Salt, 1g Cardamom Powder and Lemon Zest. Add to dry ingredients remaining 50g of Milk, 1 whole Egg, frothy Yeast mixture and 60g of softened Butter chopped into smaller pieces. Start kneading the dough either with your hand or with a hook/ dough attachment on your mixer for 10-15 minutes or until a smooth, elastic dough that pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Cover the bowl with the dough and let it rest for one and half hour or until double in size (note: the dough is very heavy, enriched with eggs, a lot of butter so the proving time is longer compared with simple yeast-based doughs)

3. Once the dough doubled its size, roll it out on a floured work desk into a rectangle long and wide approx. 14 x 10 inches. Spread Blueberry Sumac Jam combined with a zest from 1 Lemon and juice from 1⁄2 Lemon on the whole surface of the dough going all the way to the edges. Fold the dough letter-style: pick up one side of the dough and fold it over two-thirds of the dough. Now pick up the opposite side of the dough and lay it on top. Cut the dough lengthwise into 6-8 thin individual strips

4. To shape the Blueberry knots, grab one strip of the dough and first twist it like you’d be twisting a wet towel that you want to squeeze out from the water. Then simply twist the strip around your fingers shaping a knot. Place the first knot into a baking dish (non-stick, glass or ceramic) greased with butter and repeat the same process with the remaining pieces of the dough. Cover the baking dish filled with Blueberry knots and prove it for another 20-30 minutes. Egg wash the knots before baking with one whole beaten egg and bake at 350°F/180°C for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown (note: if baking in high altitude, increase the temperature to 370°F/ 190°C)

5. Pour 200g of Yogurt mixed with 2 tbsp. of BRINS Blueberry Sumac Jam over slightly cooled down Blueberry knots and enjoy with a cup of dark unsweetened coffee

Dobrú chuť,

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