Quick Gingerbread Roll

I came across this brilliant recipe on one of my favorite Slovak food blogs and fell in love with it right away – I had to try to make it. It resembled everything I love about Christmas (I know, it’s only mid-November), minus the ton of work. Gingerbread – this Christmas staple is a must and my Gingerbread Roll smells and tastes like the holiday is right behind the corner. I modified the recipe by substituting a part of white flour with nutritious & nutty-tasting oat flour. Further, I cut significantly on the amount of sugar in the recipe. If you’re a sweet tooth you might need to add a tablespoon to two more of sugar. Or better – try, a little by little, cut on sweeteners in your cakes and slowly adjust your taste.

The original recipe (in Slovak) names this pastry a Jewish Roll (one more reason why I got so excited about it – I love Jewish cuisine, especially pastries & cakes). I was digging in, trying to come across the roots & origin of the recipe. I was listing in my Jewish cookbooks, browsed online and asked my Jewish friends but I couldn’t find any background of this recipe in the Jewish cuisine. Hence, I decided to name the recipe a Quick Gingerbread Roll. If you perhaps know more about the origins of the recipe I’ll be happy if you share it with me.

Quick & delicious, made in no time (even though the dough should chill in the fridge for some time before rolling it) was this a no-brainer choice on what should be the first pastry that I bake in my new home ❤


(makes one ~ 13 inch long roll)


100g AP Flour

50g Oat Flour

30g Powdered Sugar

20g Honey

1 Egg, whole

20g Butter

1 Teaspoon of Pumpkin/ Gingerbread Spice

3g Baking Soda


~ 40g or 4 Tablespoons Plum Butter (or Apricot Jam)

~ 100g Walnuts (roughly chopped)

~ 30g Rum-soaked Raisins

~ 50g Dark Chocolate Chunks


Egg, whole

1 Teaspoon Powdered Sugar


1. In a medium-size mixing bowl combine together all ingredients for the dough and knead until you get a compact dough that doesn’t stick to your bowl or to the surface. Wrap the dough into a plastic wrap and chill for 1 or 1 & 1/2 hour in a fridge

2. Roll the dough on a lightly flour-dusted surface into a rectangle shape thick approximately 3mm or 1/6 of the inch and spread a Plum Butter (or Apricot jam/ preserve) evenly on the whole surface of the dough. Sprinkle chopped nuts, chocolate chunks and rum-soaked raisins on the top and roll from one side to another

3. Brush your roll generously with an Egg combined with a teaspoon of Powdered sugar and bake at  350°Fahrenheit/ 180° Celsius for 25-30 minutes until baked through. Let your roll cool down then optionally dust with some powdered sugar (or coconut flour – same visual effect, minus some unnecessary sugar), slice and enjoy with a cup of milk. The roll keeps fresh for several weeks if stored in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap & a ziplock bag. Reheat before serving

Dobrú chuť,

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