Espresso & Avocado Chocolate Cake

Strong espresso, ripe avocado & dark chocolate. Three things I really love to eat.

In this recipe, I combined all of them together to create this heavenly good, moist and gluten-free chocolate cake. This cake is a kind of brownie that is rich in taste, moist and not oversweetened. It is coconut oil and coffee that makes this dessert moist and soft. Even if you do not like coffee, do not worry to pour the espresso into your dough. Strong coffee highlights the taste of chocolate and creates a very slight bitterness without noticing a taste of coffee in a final result. Avocado and beets make this cake creamy so it won’t turn out to be dry the next day – actually it tastes even better. Dark Chocolate is a must, and a simple rule is – the darker, the better.


The amount of sugar/honey used in this recipe is up to you, your sweet tooth or sugar addiction level (as well as a percentage of cocoa in your chocolate). If you use a minimum of sweetener, this cake will become a great breakfast option  – containing good fats and not spiking your sugar level too much. If you crave for a brownie or you really feel like eating “something sweet” than use an amount of honey or coconut sugar as mentioned in the recipe.


Baking temperature shouldn’t exceed 170 degrees Celsius. Both almonds and coconut oil used in the recipe are unstable when exposed to high heats and therefore it is not suitable to exceed temperature mentioned. Temperature above 170 degrees Celsius might cause oxidation of nuts and burnt of good fats in coconut oil. (Smoke/ burn point of virgin coconut oil is 170 degrees Celsius). Check this   article to learn about smoke points of different types of oils. Here you can find something about the exposure of nuts to high temperatures.


The best way how to serve this cake is with frosting on a top. Just frosting by itself is a great dessert to enjoy – it’s kind of a chocolate mousse that is rich in taste, chocolaty and healthy. You can try to make it just by itself when you are in a rush and eat it just like that from a cup. The frosting gives this cake an extra punch. Feel free to make the frosting as per your taste and size of your avo, measures below are just approximate and neither me myself I never measure ingredients for the frosting. Now, let’s bake. 


250g Beetroots, cooked

100g – 120g Avocado      

50g Coconut Oil        

100g Honey

1 Espresso Shot

3 Eggs

100g Buckwheat or GF Flour

50g Coconut Flour

50g Almond Flour

50g Cocoa Powder


1 Avocado 

20g Coconut Oil

25g Cocoa Powder

15g – 25g Honey 


  1. In a blender, blend together cooked beets, avocado, melted coconut oil, honey, espresso, and eggs.
  2. In a separate bowl mix together buckwheat, almond & coconut flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, and optional – chopped dark chocolate.
  3. Mix wet ingredients with dry ones until well incorporated.
  4. Pour and spread your batter evenly in the round-shape baking pan lined with a parchment paper and bake for approx. 30 – 40 minutes (depending on the size of the pan).
  5. Let the cake cool down in the pan and then take it out carefully.  
  6. For the frosting, mix all ingredients together and spread it on the top of the cake


 Bon Appetite, 

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