Coconut Oil – My all-in-one beauty care

This article will be about my favorite and one of the very few cosmetics I am actually using. Most of the cosmetics that we put on ourselves is way far from being natural and very often is a cosmetic industry only an expensive business. Once I have heard a simple rule which I kind of trying to keep in mind when it’s about cosmetics which says:

“If you cannot eat it, do not put it on yourself”


Here, my main point in this article is not to judge cosmetics itself but to share my experience with a very universal cosmetics tool – a coconut oil. My natural minimalistic and all-in-one beauty pack.

The reasons for this are:

  • I am lazy to carry too much stuff with me (especially because my lifestyle is about constant moving here and there)
  • a small container of coconut oil can be used for so many ( and not only) cosmetic purposes
  • use coconut oil for what I recommend below in this article saves you plenty of time that you would otherwise spend on buying a particular cosmetic for your hair, face, body, teeth…
  • it’s natural, it’s healthy and you do not have to spend time and energy to read what it contains and if you can find something more natural
  • last but not least it saves you lots of money

Now, as I am using coconut oil almost everywhere, the quality is what really matters to me. I do not have a certain brand preference but when I am buying a new coconut oil I always have my simple guideline on the mind:

  1. 100% coconut oil (not a mixture of a coconut and some other oil(s))
  2. a virgin, cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil (especially for cosmetic use)
  3. the smell should be very soft and gentle coconut smell (if it stinks it’s probably oxidized which means you should not use it)
  4. color should be white, preferably not yellow
  5. buy your oil in a glass jar instead of plastic one and reuse it (for any purpose)

Now when you know what characteristics should your coconut oil meet please get inspired and try to use it as any of cosmetic substitute. This is a list of those I am using for years:

  1. Moisturizer on my face and body (my one and only for more than 5 years already)
  2. My make-up removal (put it on a cotton pad and gently remove your make-up)
  3. My hair-mask (put it on tips of your hair and keep overnight. Wash your hair in the morning)
  4. Natural sunscreen – with naturaly SPF 4-5
  5. Shaving cream – simply cream your wet legs and shave as usually
  6. Combined with honey – my lip balsam
  7. Combined with cinnamon – my hand balsam
  8. Combined with a baking soda – whitening toothpaste without fluoride

And more it’s up to you. I am really super satisfied with coconut oil. Simple and effective. Environment and money saving. Once I have realised that I really do not need to have 20 tubes in my bathroom my life got simpler and easier. One is enough. Saves space, saves the environment, saves money, saves DECISION MAKING, saves the time ….

Do you use coconut oil? If yes, for what purposes?  Will be grateful for more ideas.


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